How Do You Steward Personal Revival?

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God wants to teach us the power of stewardship. Here's the deal. If you spend time with God, then you'll live from the place of overflow. The word, “revival“ means this — it means to bring dead things back to life. So what does it look like to live and to move and to walk in revival in everyday life, in every facet of our lives? 

This is what I believe it looks like — God sent Jesus to die on the cross, raised again from the dead, that our sins would be forgiven. Why? So our spirit man can be revived and be awakened. What God did on the cross and with the resurrection is He established and reestablished the original mandate that He gave Adam and Eve in the garden, which was to subdue the earth, multiply, have dominion, but to encounter the Lord and to live from a place of pleasure, delight and rest. As they lived from that place of intimacy, they would go out, and they would do the work of God, and living in revival was just walking in the pleasure and delight of God’s presence. it wouldn't be by the sweat of their brow, but it would be by His presence and His doing.

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