What is the Fire of God?

Read Time | 50 Seconds

I believe the fire of God is love to His people and judgement to the enemy. Many people think that the fire of God is judgement. I believe it is — but to the devil, sin, sickness and disease. To the children of God and to those who are being saved, it’s the love of the Father. When the fire touches your life, it’s not to destroy you — it’s to heal you. When the fire touches your life, it’s to remove every stronghold so that you can know God more.

I believe that God wants to open the eyes of a generation to the reality that the fire of God is love to His people, but judgement to the strongholds of the enemy. If you embrace this fire, what’s going to happen to you is you’re going to get free. It’s not going to judge your life or bring you down. It’s going to empower you to know Christ more and burn up all the hooks in the heart that hinder you from actually walking with God in a place of love. Embrace the fire of the Holy Ghost today and receive freedom.

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