Why Should Christians Fast?

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I don't believe that we can walk as Christians without fasting at some point in our lives. Even Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights before He came into a breakthrough where He was released into His ministry. I've had many times, even over the last 3 years of hosting revival where God had put me on extended fasts, and He began telling me that I needed to press in in an INCREASED WAY. If you want to know what fasting does, fasting clears the cob webs out of your mind and your heart.

Fasting gets you out of the flesh and into the Spirit. Remember when Jesus told His disciples, "You can't even tarry with me for one hour?" We need to get past the flesh, distractions and the noise. When we fast, it removes the earwax and the eye blockages and we begin to see Him. We begin to hear clearly. Fasting is a tool to hear the voice of God and to step into breakthrough in a clear way.

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