What Do You Do When People Don't Get Healed?

Read Time | 48 Seconds

I prayed for someone’s healing and they didn’t get healed. What happened?

Praying for the sick is all about love. What I do is I realize and recognize that I’m not the Healer—He’s the Healer. My job is to get my hands on people, and it’s God’s job to heal them. I’ve come to the place in faith where I don’t believe that you can pray for someone without something happening. Jesus prayed for seven lepers and the Bible says that as they went, they were healed and one came back and gave glory to God. Sometimes, God just allows it to happen after we go, because how many of you know if you pray for someone and they get healed every single time you prayed you probably would have an issue with humility.

I just believe in my mind and my heart. My mindset with prayer is this—its my job to get hands on people and to love them well, but it’s God’s job to do the healing. If I get upset when they don’t get healed, it means I’m taking credit for when they do. Here’s the key—the motivation is love. Recognize that something happens every time you pray.

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