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About Elisha Academy

Introducing the Elisha Academy! As many of you know, since January of 2016, an extended move of God known as The Fire & Glory Outpouring broke out and we've been hosting extended revival gatherings 5 nights a week (Wednesday-Sunday) along with our monthly conferences and West Coast Rumble services for over the past 3 years!

The vision for Elisha Academy is to become a training center along side of the outpouring that will raise up an "Elisha Type" of double portion revivalist and reformers. This Elisha generation will walk in amazing feats of God's supernatural love, power, and glory. They will be those who will demonstrate the power of God through signs, wonders, and miracles everywhere they go both inside and outside the church. Through this coming Elisha Revolution we believe that one of the most powerful generations of friends of God will rise that the earth has ever seen.


Elisha Academy students will have access to some of the best of both the older generation of Fathers and Mothers (Elijah's) messages and the emerging Elisha generations teachings. Some of our speakers include:


We have designed the course schedule to go along side of the nightly outpouring meetings because we believe this will cause a rapid increase of accelerated growth for the students that makes this training program a unique 9-month full time ministry school. The curriculum is to be more than a solid biblical foundation in the classroom but also a "hands-on" learning experience through ministry assignments throughout the outpouring services and conferences. 

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Fire & Glory Outpouring Participation | Thursday - Sunday (7PM-10PM)

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Reading + Assignments


Saturday Outreach


Classes | Wednesday - Friday (5PM - 7PM)


We believe Elisha Academy will be one of the most important investments you will make in your life, so our goal is to make the academy both affordable and accessible. If you have questions regarding this information, please contact our admission team at

Early Tuitions | $2,300

Early tuition must be paid by Thursday, July 31, 2019.

Standard Tuition | $2,750

Standard tuition must be paid by Saturday, September 8, 2019.

Early Pay Discount
Upon payment of deposit, the early pay discount is automatically applied to each account. The discount is automatically removed if tuition is not paid in full by the Early Pay Discount Deadline. Checks or cash payments must be received before the Early Pay Discount Deadline date so if you are mailing your payment, please plan accordingly.

Family Discount
Family discounts apply to immediate family members attending the Elisha Academy in the same semester. For example: spouse, father, mother, child, brother, sister or grandparents. Family Discounts are not automatically applied. 

Family Discount Requirements:

• All deposits of the immediate family must be paid prior to discount being applied.
• The student is responsible to email admissions with the names of all eligible family members and a request for the family discount.
• As an engaged couple, you will qualify for the family discount if you become married prior to the first day of class for that semester.

Full Payment Requirement
Students will not be allowed to attend class if tuition is not paid in full. At this time, scholarships or payment plans are not available from Elisha Academy. If you do not have adequate finances by the payment deadlines, you will have to wait until the next semester to attend.

Withdrawal Policy
Incoming students that have paid their non-refundable deposit and have made tuition payments are able to be reimbursed for 90% of their paid tuition if Admissions receives a reimbursement request via email before January 1, 2020. Students are unable to receive reimbursement for the non-refundable application fee and non-refundable deposit. Students leaving school early are eligible for partial refunds. If admissions receives an email requesting early withdrawal the following amounts will be refunded:

• 60% of the paid tuition will be refunded if the request is received in the first 3 weeks.
• 40% of the paid tuition will be refunded if the request is received during the 4th or 5th week.
• 25% of the paid tuition will be refunded if the request is received during the 6th or 7th week.

Application Instructions

  1. Fill out online application (click “Apply Online” button)
    2. Fill out background check form
    3. Click “Make a Payment” button to submit $50 application fee