Transported in the Glory Part 2 | Jerame Nelson

Here is part two of my articles on transportation in the Spirit. In my last article on this subject I told a testimony about how God transported my brother Josh, my friend Craig, and me from Vancouver, Canada, to Mississippi. We have experienced this phenomena several times. I remember another time we got transported while in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I was down there with a good friend of mine for a two-week ministry trip to both Peru and Ecuador with a team of about 70 youth. While we were there, we were did nightly crusades and daily outreaches in the streets; we ministered to the orphans and even fed the poor. It was a blast.

For two weeks we did nothing but preach the Gospel and spend time loving on the poor. On that trip we saw an amazing harvest of souls. Over 5000 people gave their lives to the Lord, and we saw many notable, remarkable miracles—tumors dissolving, blind eyes seeing, deaf ears hearing, and even cripples walking! Then, as the trip came to an end, we all went to Guayaquil, Ecuador, to catch our flights back home to the U.S.

On our last day in Ecuador, a group of us decided to go shopping. We ended up walking with our tour guide about two hours away from our hotel to find some good places to buy some clothes. While walking along, I began to miss spending time with God alone. You see, we spent all of our week just pouring out our time and energy toward preaching and loving people. We didn’t really have any time at all to spend with Jesus that week. So as my friends went into the stores to shop, I began to become desperate for more of God.

I said to God, “Lord, I need to be filled back up with Your presence. All I have done for the past few weeks is pour out Your love. I need a touch of Your glory. Holy Spirit, come, fill me up!”

I began to remember the promise that Jesus gave to the people of His day in John 7:37-39. On the last day of the great feast, He told them, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water” (John 7:37-38). He was speaking of the Holy Ghost. So right there on a street corner in Ecuador, I told the Lord, “God, I am so hungry; I’m so thirsty for more of You, Lord. I want to drink freely of Your river of life.”

By faith, I began to drink of the Holy Ghost. With my hands, I made imaginary shot glasses, and I started taking shots of living water right there in front of everyone on the street corner. I must have taking at least 200 shots of living water by faith. Suddenly it was like pure joy entered into my soul, and I began to laugh out loud, uncontrollably. It was awesome, and it was exactly what I needed. I began to be filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory. It was like God was filling me back up and recharging my spirit just as you would recharge your cell phone. I was physically exhausted yet felt the strength of God coming into me.

Then my friends came out of the store and watched me. They were kind of embarrassed of me and said, “What are you doing? Why are you are acting so crazy?”

I said, “I don’t care what you guys think about me. It’s been two weeks since I have had any time with Jesus, and I want Him now!”

Then I just started worshiping and drinking more, and more, and more. I started praising him right on the spot and thanking Him for all that we had seen Him doing on that missions trip. All of a sudden it was like I won my friends over, and they started drinking of the river of life by faith and praising Jesus as well. We began to laugh out loud and speak in tongues and enjoy God, giving Him praise and glory right there on the street corner.

Eventually, one of my friends said to me, “I’m hungry for food.”

So we asked our tour guide to take us somewhere to eat, and he told us that we had to walk all the way back to the hotel because there was nothing worth eating in that part of the city. So we just kept enjoying God’s presence, walked for about a block, and turned the corner. Then our tour guide suddenly started freaking out, pointing his finger up at this sign, and screaming, “We’re here! We’re here! How did this happen?”

Right there in front of our eyes, we saw our hotel and a sign in front of us that said, “Dinner Special, Chicken $5.95.”

Our tour guide was freaking out because we had walked over two hours away from the hotel, and God, in an instant of time, transported us from one physical location to another. God does amazing things when you hunger and thirst after Him. We were all shocked and excited at the same time and went into the hotel and ate dinner.

Later, the Lord began to teach me different keys to stepping into these kinds of encounters.

The first thing He told me was this: “Jerame, you entered into this experience because you were hungering and thirsting to encounter Me, and you didn’t care what anybody thought. You simply wanted Me.”

The Key of Hunger

Supernatural things will happen when you want to know God more. The Bible says in Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

As you seek to know God more, as you desire to ascend the mountain of God and stand with Him in His holy place, God responds to your hunger and begins to pour out His Spirit upon you. Acts 2:17-19 says that God will pour out His spirit on all flesh, that the sons and daughters of God shall prophesy, and that people will have dreams and visions and see God move in signs, wonders, and miracles. When God pours out His Spirit on you, you will have supernatural encounters with Him.

I believe that God is restoring to us as a Church the ability to walk in the supernatural like the early church did. One of the greatest keys to entering into this aspect of the Kingdom is hunger. You see, when God can find a genuine hunger, He can pour out His Spirit. The other key is to lose your dignity. So many people are so afraid of what people think. God wants to set us free from the fear of man and make us as bold as a lion. God is raising up a generation who will not be afraid to worship their King in public. They will be a generation of lovesick worshipers who become signs and wonders for God (see Isa. 8:18) They will become like Daniel who worshiped and prayed to God—not in a place of hiddenness, but right in front of his window, three times a day for all to see—even when it was illegal to pray to or worship any other god than Darius, the king of Babylon. Intimacy will be more important to them than what people think of them.

The second thing that God said to me was this: “Tell My people that if they will have a heart to preach My Gospel, they will experience supernatural things. When you do Kingdom things, Kingdom things happen.”

I asked Him, “What do you mean, when you do Kingdom things, Kingdom things happen?

He said, “Jerame, what have you been doing all week? It was because you were preaching the Kingdom that you received the Kingdom.”

Afterward, I began to think about this, and I realized what He was saying. We had been doing crusades, feeding the poor, and loving people nobody cared about. We were preaching a Gospel of Heaven invading earth. You see, what you preach is what you get. If you are preaching a message of repentance, you will get repentance, and if you are preaching a message of healing, you will get healing. So if you are preaching a message like Jesus preached—of Heaven invading earth—then Heaven will began to invade the earth wherever that message is preached.

You get what you preach and what you have faith for.

It was as Jesus went out preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that His Father would work with Him and confirm His word with supernatural signs and wonders following. Later on, after Jesus ascended into Heaven, God also worked with His disciples. Mark 16:20 says, “And they [the disciples] went out and preached everywhere, , the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs.”

As I began to look at the Bible, I saw that in many places there was a connection between preaching the Gospel and the supernatural. In the Book of Acts 8:26-39, Philip has two supernatural encounters that were triggered by preaching the Gospel. First of all, in Acts 8:12-13, right after Philip preaches the Gospel in Samaria, revival breaks out in the city. The Lord sends an angel to him and tells him to go south along the road, which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza. As Philip went in obedience to the word of the Lord, he ran into an Ethiopian eunuch, a man of great authority in charge of the Queen of Ethiopia’s treasury. When Philip met the man, he was reading the Book of Isaiah and asked Philip to interpret it. Then, Philip preached the Gospel to the eunuch, and the man decided to give his life to Jesus and be baptized on the spot.

When Philip put him under the water and brought him up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord came and swept Philip away to another place, leaving the eunuch by himself in the water (see Acts 8:39). You see, it was as Philip was preaching the Gospel to the eunuch that the supernatural began to take place. God always confirms His Word with signs and wonders. It was because we were preaching the Gospel that we began to experience the supernatural everywhere we were going. That is another reason why we got transported.

A Kingdom momentum begins to take place when you do Kingdom things. The more you step out and be like Jesus, the more God releases to you. For instance, if you want a powerful healing anointing, then step out and pray for the sick. You can be 100 percent sure that you won’t experience seeing the sick healed if you don’t ever step out sometime and do it. God is looking for a generation who will step out in faith and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom message that Jesus preached and expect that Heaven will back them up. You get what you preach. If you believe and have faith for the supernatural, it will begin to happen. God wants you to believe for His Kingdom to invade every part of your life.

If you are hungry, you are bound to seek for an abundance—not just scrounge for a little. God wants us to have more!

The key to moving in signs and wonders is to hunger after Jesus and His Kingdom. As you seek to know God more, as you desire to ascend the mountain of God and stand with Him in His holy place, God responds to your hunger and begins to pour out His spirit upon you. Acts 2:17-19 says that God will pour out His spirit on all flesh, that the sons and daughters of God shall prophesy, and that people will have dreams and visions and see God move in signs, wonders, and miracles. When God pours out His Spirit on you, you will have supernatural encounters with Him.


Jerame Nelson