Transported in the Glory Part 1 | Jerame Nelson

Today I would like to talk about some of the more unusual encounters that I have had with God. Having visions, seeing angels, and being transported in the spirit all took off in my life when I got around an amazing friend named Bobby Conner. I met Bobby at a conference way back before I was ever in ministry. When I met him he walked right up to me after a meeting and asked me if I would like to travel with him to some different places that he was speaking at. I said "yes sir" and impartation began immediately. When I travel with him, he often just tells me stories of his experiences during decades of prophetic ministry. While traveling to Holland with him for a ministry trip, it seemed like he told me about every supernatural encounter with God—every time he has been translated or transported someplace, every time an angel visited him, and even every time the devil had visited him. It was awesome!

Right before we got on the plane to head home from that trip he decided to tell me the reason behind all those stories. “Jerame,” he said, “Do you want to know what I’ve been doing all week?”

“What?” I asked.

“I’ve been imparting to you. ‘The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy’” (Rev. 19:10). Then he continued the lesson. “Hey, Jerame, I want you to understand something. Do you want to walk in the supernatural?’

I said, “Yeah.”

“Talk about God,” he said. “In the Book of Colossians, it says, if you’ll talk about God, if you’ll keep your mind fixed on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God, then you’ll become heavenly minded (see Col. 3:1-2). Then, gates, doors, and portals of Heaven will open, and you’ll walk though ’em.”

Bobby was handing me the key to soaring in the supernatural, to opening portals of revelation that I could fly right into. And the key is this—talk about the testimony of Jesus, and you will experience more.

I went home with that gift lesson, and the next weekend I flew to New Jersey where I was going to minister with a great friend of mine named Craig. I told Craig about what Bobby shared with me. I said, “Craig, dude, I learned some stuff last week with Bobby. I learned that if we’ll talk about God, and if we’ll be about the things of the Kingdom, heavenly minded, we can step into the doors of the spirit, and we can experience the supernatural.”

So I challenged us to talk only about God-stories. “I challenge you to talk about God the entire way home,” I said to Craig. “Dude, I challenge you, let’s talk about every miracle you’ve ever seen, every visitation; let’s talk about Smith Wigglesworth’s, Todd Bentley’s; let’s talk about anybody that we know who’s walked in it and just see what happens.” We were flying from New Jersey back to Abbotsford, Canada, on the west coast, so we had plenty of travel time together.

From New Jersey to Toronto, we just started talking about God. Then we switched planes in Toronto and flew to Vancouver—the closest city to Abbotsford. The whole flight, we’re talking God-stories. All of a sudden, right in front of our eyes, we started seeing bright flashes of light. As I began to look at these flashes of light, I realized that Heaven was invading the plane, and these flashes of light were angelic beings sent from God. Then, as we were looking at the angelic beings moving all around the plane, we started noticing gold dust falling on us.

It was awesome. And so we kept talking about the amazing life in the spirit and supernatural encounters with God’s presence and power and Kingdom invading earth.

Once we arrived in Vancouver, my brother, Josh, picked us up from the airport. As soon as I got into the car, I said, “Dude, you’re not going to believe it. We just started talking about God, being obedient to what we heard as the word of the Lord to us from Bobby Conner and a challenge to talk only about God stories. And you know what? These angels started manifesting and gold dust started falling in the plane. It was crazy.”

We merged onto the highway in Vancouver while we’re telling my brother about our recent events, and I glance back at Craig in the back seat just in time to hear him let out a yell of surprise.

“What?” I ask.

And he says, “Dude, we’re in Mississippi. What’s going on?”

So, I look out the car window and much to my shock, I see what he is seeing. We’re no longer in Vancouver. We’re in some other place. Even my brother who is driving realizes that the road is no longer familiar. It appears that we were instantly and briefly transported 2700 miles off of one highway to another. Craig, still looking out the window, says that he sees this guy mowing the lawn, and recognizes him as a friend that Craig grew up with in this city. I’m looking around thinking, “Man, this place is weird.”

Then all of a sudden, I look back at Craig and, boom! we’re back on the highway in Vancouver. After Craig got home, within a few days he called his friend in Mississippi and said, “You were out mowing the lawn just a few days ago, weren’t you?”

And his friend said yes. Craig was able to describe exactly what his yard looked like.

What was the purpose for this experience? I believe that God is raising up a generation who will live “naturally supernatural.” It will be out of a place of intimacy with God and obedience to His voice that they will access the keys to the heavenly realm. Hebrews 13:8 says that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever; He never changes. If God would transport men of old in the Bible such as Elijah, Philip, and even Jesus, why would He not do the same today? I believe that God was showing us what He is capable of showing to His friends. I also believe that God is going to begin to open up Heaven and visit His people. God wants to give you encounters because He wants you to know His heart more and to release His heart to others. God wants to visit you, too. He wants to give you angelic encounters. He wants to give you dreams and visions. If you’ll be intimate and obedient with God, and talk about God, keeping the testimony of what He is doing and has done foremost in your awareness, you’ll have increasing encounters with God.

Jerame Nelson