The Key of David Part 1 | Jerame Nelson

Today I would like to talk about Isaiah 22:22 and the key of David. Years ago God gave me an angelic encounter in which I was handed the keys of the kingdom. Let me tell you how they came into my possession and what God revealed to me about this topic. I happened to be in Fort Mill, South Carolina, speaking at a conference during Yom Kippur with Rick Joyner and remembered that Bob Jones, a spiritual mentor of ours, had prophesied to me the year before about a coming visitation. He said, “You need to wait on God on Yom Kippur, ’cause He’ll visit you and give you the word of the Lord.”

That Sunday, on Yom Kippur, at the most random time ever, in the most “unspiritual” place ever, while waiting on the Lord with a latte in hand, I had a visitation.  I was at Starbucks with a good friend of mine; we had just gotten a latte and gone out to sit in his Jeep to listen to some worship music. We’re kicking back, eyes closed, and as we’re worshipping God, I suddenly feel the presence of God become really, really strong. And I’m thinking, Whoa. What’s goin’ on?  I open my eyes and see an angel, standing outside of the car, looking in at me. The next thing you know the angel takes his hand and puts it through the window glass of the car. I’m sitting in the passenger seat watching his hand go through the window; in the angel’s hand is a key ring and two keys. One key distinctly reads, “Matthew 16:19.” The other key bears the imprint of “Isaiah 22:22.” Then audibly the angel says, “It’s all about Matthew 16 in this season.” Then, BOOM! he vanishes.

I felt kind of overwhelmed by this. After a moment, I told my buddy, “We’ve gotta get a Bible, man. I gotta see what Matthew 16 is.”

He busts out his iPhone, looks up Matthew 16, and hands me the phone. Then I began to read the passage in Matthew 16:13-19 where Jesus asks His disciples, “Who do men say that I am?”

And they reply, “Well, some say, ‘Elijah.’ Some say, ‘Jeremiah.’ Some say, ‘The prophets of old.’”

He asks them again, “But who do you say that I am?”

Then Peter speaks up, “Well, You’re the Christ. The Son of the living God.”

Jesus replies, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who’s in Heaven. He’s given this to you. Upon this revelation, you shall be called Peter, or Rock.” He continues, “Upon this rock I shall build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I’ll give you the keys of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. And whatever you loose on the earth will be loosed in heaven” (see Matt. 16:17-19).

What do you do with that? I took it back to Bob. But his explanation was even more mysterious than I could have imagined. Since I was in Fort Mill, South Carolina, the Lord worked it out so we could hang out with Bob and his wife Bonnie the next night. Bob, being a prophet who has had years of revelatory encounters with heavenly beings, explained the encounter to me. He said, “That wasn’t just an angel that visited you. That was the ‘Wisdom of the Ages.’” He said, “The Wisdom of the Ages visited you.”

The wisdom of the ages is contained in those scriptural passages passed along to me that day.

God wants to release wisdom to us in this hour so that we can begin to tap into everything God has for us and release something that was uncreated into existence—a fresh move of God’s love and power onto the earth. He’s after a people who know who they are in Christ, and know who Christ is inside of them. He’s after a people who don’t just talk about their God, but know their God. And as the Book of Daniel says, they do great exploits for Him (see Dan. 11:32).

God is going to release keys to us as a Church to begin to walk in apostolic and governmental authority, and He’s going to allow us to see and to taste that He is beyond good—He is love.

The Key of David

Let’s take a look at these keys in Scripture and see what they can do as you step out and use them. The first key the angel revealed is the key of David written about in Isaiah 22:22.

Isaiah 22:22-23 states,

The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; So he shall open, and no one shall shut; and he shall shut, and no one shall open. I will fasten him as a peg in a secure place, and he will become a glorious throne to his father’s house.

God wants to unlock things to us in the Spirit that no man can open.

I really believe that this is going to be the year of the open door, and that God is opening up things for us as a Church that we’ve not yet been able to enter into. We’re on the brink of seeing one of the most powerful moves of God, a revolution of His love, in the United States. But here’s the deal. I believe it’s going to come through the people of God. It’s going to come through the saints doing the work of the ministry because God is raising up an army in this season. It’s not just going to be about the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers doing everything while everybody watches. See, the Bible says that those giftings are given to equip the Church for the work of the ministry (see Eph. 4:11-12).

Get ready, saints. Jesus is handing you the keys. And He’s asking you to begin to walk in the authority of the Kingdom of God so that when you begin to pray, prophesy, and speak the word of God, signs will confirm that word, and wonders will happen. All over the world I believe we’re seeing a shift in which more authority will be released to the remnant in the Church, the ones who are His friends, the ones who know their God and are going to do great exploits for Him.

I love how God confirms to us that He did indeed send an angel or release a visitation. After almost every experience I’ve had, God either shortly does what He said He would do to or through me in a meeting, or He confirms the encounter.

One week after this visitation where the angel gave me the keys on Yom Kippur, I was preaching in New Jersey about the keys. Afterward, I joined some others in the back room to eat dinner, and a pastor from Maine walked up to me. He said, “Hey, I’m kind of freaked that you preached on the keys of the Kingdom from Isaiah 22:22. God told me to bring this with me to the meetings, and it is one of my most prized possessions.”

He held out a key and explained, “It’s a key of David that Chuck Pierce gave me. Two years ago, Chuck traveled all around the U.S. with Dutch Sheets, declaring the message of Isaiah 22:22, and he gave one governmental key out to one specific leader in every state in America. He also gave one of the keys to President Bush. I didn’t know why I was supposed to bring this, but when I heard you speaking, the Lord spoke to me, and He said, ‘I want you to give that key to Jerame Nelson because he’s to have it for this next season.’” Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets had gone around prophesying about the key of David, said that it would bring breakthrough in the nation, and handed this man the key to Maine—a key that Chuck Pierce prophesied over specifically. The pastor went on to tell me that Chuck prophesied that this key would be a special key that would affect the entire nation; it would affect all 50 states, and it would even go all around the world.

I love how God confirms His word when He is speaking. One week after I had the visitation, I received the Maine key of David for the United States of America. I believe this is a token sign of where we are at in the Body of Christ right now, and I believe it’s a sign that God wants to open doors that no one can shut and close doors that no one can open.  Now I want you to understand something; there are several keys the Lord showed me He wanted to release that had to do with governmental authority.

I believe that it is a season to believe God for Isa 22:22 and to revisit this key.  After around a two year run of traveling all over the US and the world with this key I sent it back to it's owner.  Then with in around 6 months time of sending the key back a prophet by the name of James Goll called me out in a meeting.  It was my first time being around James.  As he called me out he began to prophesy over me and publicly that God had anointed me with Isa 22:22 and that it was time to release that anointing again.  He then went on to say "You have even been given a physical key as a sign of this mandate but you have not been carrying the key with you anymore. It's time to get the key back and to release decrees to open up the promises of God over regions city's and nations again."  To make a long story short I just received the key back in the mail in the mail last week on Rosh Hashanah (Sep 24th, 2014) and know it is a sign to this generation that God is about to open up doors that no man can open and close doors on the enemy that no man could close except God himself. So began to make declarations over your destinies, family's, churches, city's and nations and believe God for a shift in the spirit over your sphere of influence and callings.

eric yun