Run Your Race | Miranda Nelson

Recently God spoke to me out of a dream that I know He wants to release to the body of Christ in this hour.  I had a dream just the other day, where I was about to run a big race.  It was a 25 km race through trees and trails.  As I was preparing to run the race in my dream, a woman came to me, saying that I needed to get ready with the warm up laps.  She startled me when she told me that I needed to run nearly the distance of the race itself.  I was shocked, and thinking she would console me with a bit of a grace period, she carried on saying that I didn’t need to run the whole 25 km to start, but I did need to do 24 km.  As you can imagine, I was utterly speechless, and wondered how I would even manage the race with a warm up almost equivalent to the distance of the race itself.  Before the race finished, I woke up from the dream, knowing that the race and especially the numbers of kilometers were significant to what God was speaking.  Throughout the day after I had this dream the Lord continued to remind me of the importance of the warm up and the race.  He highlighted to me signs in the natural that spoke of runners, prompting me to pursue Him more on the subject matter.  As I sought the Lord on the full meaning of the dream, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Psalm 24.  He revealed to me the importance of Psalm 24 and our walk of holiness before God in relation to our destiny and the race marked out for us.  I began to understand that the reason I needed to run 24 km just to warm up for my race in the dream was because the way to obtain the prize set before you and your destined course and calling in life is through ascending the hill of the Lord and allowing the Holy Spirit to give you “clean hands and a pure heart” (Psalm 24:4).

The woman in my dream represents the Holy Spirit (Proverbs chapters 8 and 9 talk about the Spirit of Wisdom as a ‘she’, and I know in this dream that the Holy Spirit was the one telling me how I need to prepare for the 25 km race).  Holy Spirit is our Helper, sent by Jesus to instruct and convict us on how to live our lives and produce much fruit (John 16:7-8).  “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-25).

As I began to seek understanding from the Lord and study out the significance of the number 25, more light was shed on my dream and the word of God for you in this hour.  Twenty-five is the number of “grace upon grace”.  Five times five is twenty-five, and five is the number of grace.  God wants to bestow great grace- grace upon grace- on you in this hour.  He wants to bestow great grace upon you to accomplish the works He has called you to do on the Earth and the vision He’s given you to fulfill.  Where things have been tricky in the past, there will be great grace in this hour to accomplish those things and doors will open where they have been shut, for those who “ascend the hill of the Lord” (Psalm 24:3) and who allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse and purify them.  I believe many of us have been in a testing and trying time in the past (and present) season, and that many of us have been being purged and refined by God’s refining fire.  The purpose of the fire and the refining season is to make us sparkle like gold and be able to run the race marked out for us without hindrance.  God is removing the hindrances and releasing grace in this season.  He’s getting rid of any obstacles that stand in the way of your destined course to run. 

Twenty-five is also the number of leadership, calling, anointing, and ministry beginnings.  Historically speaking, the Levites would start their ministry unto the Lord at the age of 25 (Numbers 8:24).  The Levites were sold out to God, and their inheritance was the very presence of God, the most valuable treasure of all (Deuteronomy 10:9).  Your ultimate purpose in life is friendship with God, and every other purpose stems out of that relationship. 

King Hezekiah began his reign at the age of 25, and the Bible says about him that he did right in the sight of the Lord and that the Lord was with him.  The book of 2 Kings chapter 18 also mentions that he prospered wherever he went.  All of the blessings came because of his right standing with God.  He removed the high places and got rid of compromise in the land, and as a result, God acted on Hezekiah’s behalf.  God will act on your behalf as you “warm up” for your race by removing the hindrances and high places and embracing Psalm 24. 

Jehoshaphat was one of the kings of old who reigned for 25 years.  What do we know about Jehoshaphat?  He was the king who listened to the word of the Lord and had victory in battle through simple praise!  (2 Chronicles 20:20-22)  This signifies the authority that you are meant to walk in in this season and through the course of your life and walk with God and the power and victory that come out of your intimacy.  There is an increased anointing and authority coming on believers who have allowed the Holy Spirit to wash and renew their hearts and minds and who have taken the time to prepare for their destinies through adequate time in the Secret Place with God.  The “warm up” laps in the dream represent the effort and energy you’ve put into your relationship with God in this past and present season.  As you’ve sought Him and as you seek Him, He has and will bestow increased authority, faith, courage, and influence upon you and your course.  Not only that, you will begin to see great acceleration take place in your life and upon your God-given dreams, vision, and calling in this hour.  God wants to take you to the next level of influence and most importantly He wants you to endure the race marked out for you until the end.  The Secret Place of intimacy is where it all begins.  Perseverance through the hard times, longevity through the challenges, intimacy day by day, and purity of heart always is what will strengthen you to run your race with grace, influence, energy, courage, success, and authority.

God is releasing new ministries, new positions, higher ranks, fresh influence and new jobs in the market place, along with promotions in the natural and the spiritual realms in this season for all who have and are embracing the “warm up laps” of Psalm 24.  To those whom God has found faithful, and to those who have laid aside every hindrance to take their walks with God seriously as a first priority in this season, to these, God is about to release acceleration and promotion to. 

This is an invitation to embrace Psalm 24 and become excited about your calling and vision receiving acceleration, promotion, open doors, and increased authority.  Not only that, this is an invitation to receive renewed joy for the call of God on your life, and even for the process in obtaining the prize.

Hebrews 12:1 says, “Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross…”


Lord, I ask that you would release grace upon grace for the call of God on each person reading this word right now.  Thank you for those who have been faithful to persevere through the tests and trials of the last season, and I speak forth an acceleration and launching into new ministry opportunities and marketplace jobs, tangible promotions, fresh strategies and vision, greater influence, new open doors and increased authority to each one reading this.  Let there be a quickening of vision being fulfilled and joy being released in this season, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Jerame Nelson