Key of David Part 3: Revelation Knowledge | Jerame Nelson

The Key of Revelation Knowledge Transforms Regions and Nations

How do we begin to step into a place of accessing Isaiah 22:22? I believe that we have got to come into a place of revelation knowledge. In Luke 11:42-52,, Jesus rebukes the scribes and Pharisees for all the different things they were doing that were legalistic and religious.

Luke 11:52 tells us about a key—the key of knowledge. If we are going to operate with the key of David, which is the governmental authority of God, then we need another key, the key of revelation knowledge, to enable us to see into what God the Father is doing and hear what He is saying. That key draws us into greater intimacy with Jesus and empowers us to stand up against not just the demonic principalities and powers, but the religious spirit that still exists in Christian circles. Luke 11:52 says, “Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered.”

Jesus was bringing a rebuke to the religious leaders of His day because they opposed having true relationship with God in the Spirit. They would rather follow legalistic traditions and practices of man than have real relationship with God. They hindered people from seeing and hearing from God. Religious people are not bothered when we read the Word or say a little prayer, but the minute that power starts to show up, or we see an angel, or God gives us a dream or vision, or we begin to take ground in the spirit, that’s when religious people say, “I don’t know if this is of God.”

The religious mindset seeks to stop people from accessing the key of knowledge and the key of intimacy. If we are going to do something for God in this season and in this hour, we have to have this key.

This key is the key of John 5:19; Jesus said He did nothing but what He saw His Father doing. John 5:30 says, “I can of Myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge: and My judgment is righteous, because I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me.” I believe that when we begin to step into this kind of anointing, we will see both the government and the power of God.

We can begin to move with the authority Elijah exhibited when he walked up to the King Ahab and said, “Yeah, look. There will be no rain but by my word.” And drought happened. What is this but governmental authority in the Body of Christ? Elijah also rebuked the false prophets of his day. Challenging them at Mount Carmel, he saw an entire backslidden generation come to the Lord in one day.

Is God’s arm too short to do it again? I don’t think so. What would happen if we went right up to the White House and said, “Hey, you know what? There will be no rain in this land until you overturn Wade vs. Roe!” I’m telling you, they’d laugh at you at first. But if the rain stopped, they’d take you pretty serious. God has another way of dealing with things, but it’s higher than our ways, and it’s supernatural.


One day when I was in Alberta, Canada, I was waiting on the Lord, asking Him what He wanted me to do in the next meeting I was scheduled to speak in. And the Lord told me to use the key of revelation and knowledge in a dream.

First, this song came to me in a dream, and the lyrics were something like this: “I’m releasing a Spirit of Elijah, purity and intimacy across this land.”

If the religious spirit had hindered me, I would only have preached about purity and badgered people into cleaning up their lives. But revelation and knowledge cause us to do only what we see and hear Jesus doing. So it was a no-brainer what I was to preach, right? Elijah. I stood up and preached about Elijah and the key to authority through intimacy with Christ. When I got to the end of the meeting, much to my surprise, the Lord told me, “I don’t want you to move in miracles because I want to prove to these people that I am God; I want to confirm My word.”

He then told me, “Decree the key that I gave you. Decree the release of the Spirit of Elijah.”

So I decreed it at the end, and then He prompted me to sing the song I heard in my dream. Very simply, I just sang the song of the Lord over the people and region; I decreed that God was releasing the spirit of purity and Elijah.

Then the Lord said, “Now get the church to call fire down on the prophets of Baal!”

We all started singing, “Lord, release Your fire.”

After we sang about the fire coming down, they closed the meetings. Several of us went out to lunch. Within a half hour of our declaration in the natural, we heard about a hotel in the city overtaken by drug dealers, pimps, and prostitutes that supernaturally caught on fire during the time of our declarations and singing. It burnt to the ground. No one was killed, but the stronghold of lust and perversion was destroyed that day in that city. This was a sign in the natural of something that God did in the heavenlies.

I believe that this is the way the Church must operate if we are going to see breakthrough in this nation. We must get strategic keys and decrees from God the Father; and as we begin to decree them, breakthrough will happen. When we went to lunch that day, we weren’t aware of what had happened. It’s not so much about knowing the results as it is about obeying what we hear and releasing the heart of God. As we begin to tap in to the heart of God, I’m telling you, that’s when breakthrough happens.

Intimacy with Jesus develops in us the ability to trust that we are hearing Him correctly. Our relationship with Him invites us to move into His ways and demonstrate the power of the keys—locally and globally. 

Next week in the final part of this series on the Key of David we will look at how the Key of David releases the tangible power of God that can turn the hardest of hearts to know Jesus. For other articles and writings by Jerame Nelson visit our Living At His Feet Ministries website. Link is at the top of this Facebook account under about Jerame. Enjoy!

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